So You Wanna Be A Change Manager? On Demand


Are you interested in a career in Change Management but don’t know how to make the leap?

The So You Wanna Be A Change Manager Course is the product of more than 30 years’ of hands-on Change Management experience, and tens of thousands of hours of industry research and investigation.

This course has been carefully designed to answer the key questions asked by those considering Change Management as a career, as well as providing insight and direction to early career Change Practitioners who are learning about their future career trajectory.

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Are you interested in a career in Change Management but just don’t know how to make the leap into this strange new world?

Perhaps you work in Marketing, Communications, Business Analysis, Organisational Development, Human Resources, Project Management, Psychology, Organisational Psychology, Learning and Development or a similar fields?

Or maybe you are already working in Change but don’t quite know what the next step of certification, accreditation or training might be?

If you’ve endlessly Googled “Change Management careers”, “Change Management training”, and still don’t know where to turn next … you have finally clicked on the right webpage for your needs.

If you want to explore how your current skill set could help you succeed on a change management career path, to understand how certifications, accreditations and other training will support you in moving forward, or gain insights into navigating your next Change Management steps with confidence – this is the course for you.


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