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As a Change Practitioner you’ve been told that great Sponsorship is the key to Organisational Change success, but that is so much easier to say than to do right?

Sometimes you’ll have no choice in who your Sponsor is, sometimes there’s no Sponsor to be found!! Other times it seems the person nominated for the task might not have been the right choice.

And once you have a Sponsor in place, do they understand their role?

The role of the Sponsor is a vital one, but it can also be the most highly misunderstood, and the most difficult to establish. And the relationship with your Sponsor can be the most challenging for the Change Practitioner to build and manage.

You’re not alone in finding the world of Sponsorship tough to navigate and succeed in. But there are plenty of great tools, tips, tricks and trade secrets that have been the product of hard won experience that can help make this task a whole lot easier.

The Skilled with Sponsors Workshop shares over 30 years’ of professional knowledge and experience in dealing directly with Sponsors at all levels of the organisation, to provide insight and guidance on the best ways to engage and enact sponsorship in Organisational Change.

From bringing a Sponsor onboard, defining their role and connecting with their authentic self, to tackling the awkward conversations around the need to replace a Sponsor – the workshop explores the challenges and benefits of this relationship to help you become skilled at working with your Sponsors.

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