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Method to the Madness WorkshopWhen it comes to Change methodology, most Change Practitioners and Leaders of Change generally fall into one of three groups.
Perhaps you are certified in, or highly familiar with, one methodology and use is consistently without reference to other models?

Or you skip across many methods and frameworks, selecting the best from each to suit your situation and organisation?

But perhaps you are someone who has only a passing awareness of frameworks and models, a Practitioner or Leader who has only scratched the surface of the rich history of Change Management?


No matter which of these sound familiar, this workshop is a fantastic refresher, or introduction to the wide range of Change Management methodology and frameworks, and their fascinating interrelationships.

Did we just use the word fascinating about frameworks???? Yes we did, and this workshop delivers on that promise with a truly engaging insight into the history and intersection of the tools of the Change profession, as well as providing you with up to the minute advice on gaining all the benefits from the latest research.

You will walk away with a more thorough understanding of the foundations of Change Management, and confidence in how and when to apply the best tools of the trade. Whether you are a practitioner or a leader of change, this workshop is a fantastic grounding is the fundamentals of Change Management, delivered by true Change nerds.

The Method to the Madness Workshop has been designed to walk you step by step through the foundations of Change Management. Designed for Change Practitioners at the early to mid stage of their career, as well as Leaders of Change, the workshop provides a clear and easy to follow guide to change methodology.

If you are a leader who has been befuddled by Change-speak and wants to understand where your Change Practitioners are coming from, this is a great place to start!

With more than 3 hours of content, exploring the history of Change, methods, frameworks and techniques, and the different facets of change including how it integrates with Project Management, this workshop will provide you with a strong foundation in Change Management fundamentals, as well as skills to select the right tools for your situation and organisation. Or to understand why your team are choosing those tools for each change situation.

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