Skilled with Sponsors On Demand

As a Change Practitioner you’ve been told that great Sponsorship is the key to Organisational Change success, but that is so much easier to say than to do right? Sometimes you’ll have no choice in who your Sponsor is, sometimes there’s no Sponsor to be found!! Other times it seems the person nominated for the […]

Communication & Engagement Beyond WIIFM On Demand

As a Change Practitioner, how are meeting the demand for communications and engagement in your project, program or in your broader business environment? Are you ready to think beyond a traditional change communications strategy and the limited lens of “What’s In It For Me” and to create a truly collaborative approach to communications and engagement? […]

Love Learning & Education Design On Demand

Working in Change Management but feeling like your only job is comms and training? Well here’s the workshop that can help change your perspective on the design, development and delivery of training – or as we prefer to call it – learning and education! If you’ve been stuck in a rut when it comes to […]

Method to the Madness On Demand

When it comes to Change methodology, most Change Practitioners and Leaders of Change generally fall into one of three groups. Perhaps you are certified in, or highly familiar with, one methodology and use is consistently without reference to other models? Or you skip across many methods and frameworks, selecting the best from each to suit your […]

Confident to Coach On Demand

The Confident to Coach Workshop has been designed to provide a clear and easy to use guide to coaching for both Change Practitioners, coaching leaders and team members through change, and Leaders who are coaching their own team members. This workshop is delivered in a fully online, self-paced format which can be accessed 24 hours, 7 days […]

So You Wanna Be A Change Manager On Demand

The So You Wanna Be A Change Manager Course is the product of more than 30 years’ of hands-on Change Management experience, and tens of thousands of hours of industry research and investigation. This course has been carefully designed to answer the key questions asked by those considering Change Management as a career, as well as […]