Casa de Cambio Episode 01: Culture Change

Episode 01: Culture Change

In this episode of Casa De Cambio your host Natasha discusses the ins and outs of culture transformation with Friska Wirya – specialist in culture change.

What are some of the signs a culture is terrible? Why do executives want to change it? How do you go about changing it? What are some of the pitfalls to avoid? Why is culture so important anyway?

Friska answers all of these questions and more in the debut episode of Casa de Cambio.

2 skills you need to future-proof yourself

2 skills you need to future-proof yourself

During my time building the change management capability for a global tech giant, the first question from clients was often, “What do we do about digital?” And rightfully so. With the vast majority of ASX-listed companies reporting digital as a cornerstone of their corporate strategy, and enabler to unlocking hidden value, opting out of digital (whether it be […]

Servant leadership’s role in imparting change

Servant leadership's role in imparting change

The concept of servant leadership befuddles many. The idea that a leader should serve his followers is not only foreign and unconventional, but provokes a stigma that to ‘serve’ is a lowly duty best reserved for fast food outlets and retail employees. I argue servant leadership is an effective means to motivate, influence and transform. The servant leader’s emphasis on other’s well-being bolsters success rates for not only imparting organisational change, but making lasting changes to employee growth both professionally and personally.

Going Agile: throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

Throwing the baby out with the bath water

Organisations need to consciously enable agility if they want to keep up with the rate of change. Everyone seems to be moving to Agile ways of working… but you can’t just add water and hope that it grows your organisational agility.