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FLIMP Studios specialises in creating custom videos and visuals that help you explain and implement change. Whether it’s an organisation-wide transformation, that key initiative everyone is talking about or an overdue IT project, we’ll help you bring it to life! Discover how you can bring visual communication into your change management plans with Pete’s Cartooning […]

Casa de Cambio Episode 01: Culture Change

Episode 01: Culture Change

In this episode of Casa De Cambio your host Natasha discusses the ins and outs of culture transformation with Friska Wirya – specialist in culture change.

What are some of the signs a culture is terrible? Why do executives want to change it? How do you go about changing it? What are some of the pitfalls to avoid? Why is culture so important anyway?

Friska answers all of these questions and more in the debut episode of Casa de Cambio.

Casa de Cambio Episode 39: Women and Power

Episode 01: Culture Change

What helps women flourish in the workplace? What are some examples of gender bias in the workplace? How can women be themselves and have that reflect in their leadership style? What do women at the start of their careers need to know?
Josephine Palermo has a PhD in Organisational Psychology and is the director of Geared for Growth, a culture and change consultancy. She also runs a co working space (called Higher Spaces) and a belly dance studio, as well as hosting her own podcast (Gears Action Growth). She joins Tash for a chat about how women can step into their power at work and more.

Casa de Cambio Episode 37: Mindfulness and Change

Episode 01: Culture Change

How can we incorporate mindfulness into our change practice?

How can mindfulness drive better outcomes in a corporate or project setting?

How can overwhelmed professionals get back some semblance of control over their work lives?

Lotty Roberts is a mindful workplace, emotional culture and change leadership consultant with over 20 years experience helping organisations successfully work through and deliver change, as well as a mindfulness and yoga teacher. She joins Tash for a chat about all of this and more (there is loads of bonus advice and life hacks in this one!).

Episode 35: What are the different roles you can do in change?

Episode 01: Culture Change

What’s the difference between a change analyst and a change manager?

What about the difference between a senior change manager and a portfolio change manager?

What does a head of change do?

This is one of the most asked questions in Tash’s ‘Introduction to Change Management’ workshop.

Valiente Group Founder and Managing Director, and veteran change practitioner Lesleigh Ross joins Tash to answer this question.

3 reasons why the best change managers are never in their office

What’s a drive-by change manager? Someone who just passes by, hits you with a mountain of work to get you “change ready”, recants a string of cookie cutter key messages and – poof! They channel Puff the Magic Dragon and vanish before you can ask any questions. Interactions with this type of manager consist of dumping sessions of to-dos, decisions made and unrealistic deadlines. In short, these change managers spend their time dishing out work rather than offering context, input and support so you can transition yourself (and your team) to the future state.

8 ways agile benefits change practitioners

8 ways agile benefits change practitioners

I’ve come across more than a few change managers and project professionals who are wary or sceptical of agile. It’s different to the way they are used to doing things and they aren’t sure how to apply traditional change practices. I’m here to tell you there’s actually a lot about agile that is great for us, so lean in and get reading!

Casa de Cambio Episode 22: Agile Change

Episode 01: Culture Change

How do you lead and manage change in agile environments? What can change practitioners and project professionals do to upskill themselves in agile change? How can people operating in the agile space who still have waterfall expectations from their leaders thrive? In this episode of Casa de Cambio, Tash is joined by co founders of […]

Casa de Cambio Episode 10: Communicating Effectively

Episode 01: Culture Change

Remember these? They’re not as obsolete as you think…..

How do we communicate changes effectively? How do we leverage social channels such as Yammer? Is email officially redundant as a method of communication?

In this episode of Casa de Cambio, Natasha sits down with Wendy Grimston, a well known and highly experienced change and communications professional. Wendy gives a lot of great tips and advice on how to deliver communications that are well received and understood by the audience.

Step away from the burning platform

Step away from the burning platform

Talking about the elephant in the room is one thing. Defining what ‘effective executive sponsorship’ actually looks like is a bit of different conversation. There is mounting research that is challenging the traditional ‘burning platform’ “change or die” leadership approaches we so commonly see advocated in traditional change management.