Communication & Engagement Beyond WIIFM

Communication & Engagement Beyond WIIFMAs a Change Practitioner, how are meeting the demand for communications and engagement in your project, program or in your broader business environment?

Are you ready to think beyond a traditional change communications strategy and the limited lens of “What’s In It For Me” and to create a truly collaborative approach to communications and engagement?

This workshop has been designed as a self-paced guide to communications that cut through the noise and engage employees where they are.

If you want to understand why your current communications strategies are limited in their success and how you can build a persona driven plan that is supported by data to create genuine collaboration, then this is the workshop for you.

This is no “Ten Top Tips for Communications Workshop”, you’ll emerge from this workshop with real skills and tools to get your started today on a new approach to communicating and engaging with your teams. 


Inside the workshop

has been designed to provide a self-paced guide to taking a collaborative and data driven approach to engagement.

It asks Change Practitioners to look beyond the What’s In It For Me approach to communications and to deeply understand your stakeholders as partners and collaborators in the process.

This workshop is perfect for Change Practitioners, whether you have years of experience or are just starting out.

It’s delivered in a fully online, self-paced format which can be accessed 24 hours, 7 days a week, at your convenience.

With more than 3 hours of content, exploring communications (as distinct from engagement), persona design techniques, engagement approaches and your path to engagement success. As well as hands-on activities for you to complete to understand how to apply these techniques in practice, this workshop will answer the key questions asked about how to create meaningful and compelling engagement, and providing insight and direction to allow you to start implementing today. 

The workshop covers topics such as:      

  • Understanding Communication – why might your current strategy fail
  • Communications v Engagement – what should we be aiming for?
  • Starting the Engine – rev it up with personas, data and strategy
  • Technique Time – adding to your tool kit
  • Future Engagement– future results time

This workshop is packed with content to prepare you to take on the challenge of communications and engagement, and you can also access the support of our workshop facilitators at any time during your self-paced workshop if you want to tap into their expert coaching services.


Our Facilitators

With decades of experience, our facilitators are some of the best in the business.

What sets them apart is their desire to work with leaders and change practitioners to build unlimited mindsets, using creative approaches, the latest research and unexpected facilitation techniques.

You won’t find this combination of skills, experience and unique training approaches anywhere else – what brought this group together is a true desire to shake up change and transformation education!

Lesleigh Ross



Leigh shared her wisdom of over 20 years experience. If you are new to change, or thinking about best of breed practices in the change space, I would highly recommend giving Leigh a call. I walked out ready, willing and able to forge ahead with the massive transformational project I have ahead of me.

Susan Bronson

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