Change Communication Essentials and Managing Resistance

How do you increase the effectiveness of your communications?

Having trouble with some difficult stakeholders?

Or are you struggling with the ‘R’ word – resistance? How do we recognise change resistance and what are some strategies to counter resistance?

These are the most common problems change makers face. Luckily, there are some simple and effective methods you can use.

Inside the workshop

In this masterclass, participants will learn how to: 

  • Apply best practice principles of communication
  • Increase the persuasiveness of your communication
  • Work well with the most challenging stakeholders
  • Manage resistance to change

Our Facilitators

With decades of experience, our facilitators are some of the best in the business.

Friska Wirya and Natasha Redman have spent years at the forefront of change management delivery, working with leaders facing this undertaking, as they strive to engage their workforce in large scale change programs.

Friska Wirya

Fresh by Friska

Natasha Redman

Casa de Cambio


Friska is who you want leading your transformation, no matter what project you want to kick off, mindset to change, or culture to evolve. Her positivity, can do attitude and influence will get you far and she is a charm to work with. Never underestimate the criticality of a talented change lead, Friska would be my first choice when I need one.

Doron Kollan

Chief Executive Officer

I have attended 2 online workshops with Natasha and they were both fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the change in agile environments workshop, as it has some great tips and tricks from a very experienced change manager that any general manager or executive would benefit from. Natasha’s delivery style is relaxed and approachable. Her knowledge and expertise in leading and managing change projects is clearly evident and she is generous with her tips and tricks of the trade. Great value for money and very engaging.

Fiona Rogers

Executive Manager

Step into Brave Change with Friska and Natasha

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Other courses by Friska & Natasha

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This workshop is aimed at experienced change practitioners looking to build their skills and knowledge of delivering change using agile tools. Casa de Cambio’s founder offers practical tips on how to up your agile game based on real life experiences.

Introduction to Change Management

In today’s environment, so many people are expected to lead and manage change without having the luxury of a specialist change resource, or a solid foundation of change management practices and principles. This 90 minute, introductory course was built especially for non change managers, and will appeal to those leading and managing change as well as people considering a career in change management.

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