The Academy Catalogue

Cartooning for Change

Join Peter Phan for a masterclass in business cartooning where we’ll work together to visualise your change initiative. By the time you walk out that virtual door, you will have picked up some fundamental drawing skills and doodled a cartoon worthy of every fridge and bulletin board in your organisation.

Change Communication Essentials and Managing Resistance

How do you increase the effectiveness of your communications? Having trouble with some difficult stakeholders? Or are you struggling with the ‘R’ word – resistance? How do we recognise change resistance and what are some strategies to counter resistance? These are the most common problems change makers face. Luckily, there are some simple and effective methods you can use. Let us show you how to apply best practice principles of communication, increase persuasiveness while working with the most challenging stakeholders.

Confident to Coach Workshop

Are you working with leaders to support them through the complex work of change? Or are you a leader, at any level, trying to connect with your team to achieve your goals, while empowering them to develop and grow?

Communications & Engagement Beyond WIIFM

Are you ready to think beyond a traditional change communications strategy and the limited lens of “What’s In It For Me” and to create a truly collaborative approach to communications and engagement? This workshop has been designed as a self-paced guide to communications that cut through the noise and engage employees where they are.

Delivering Change in Agile Environments

This workshop is aimed at experienced change practitioners looking to build their skills and knowledge of delivering change using agile tools. Casa de Cambio’s founder offers practical tips on how to up your agile game based on real life experiences.

Introduction to Change Management

In today’s environment, so many people are expected to lead and manage change without having the luxury of a specialist change resource, or a solid foundation of change management practices and principles. This 90 minute, introductory course was built especially for non change managers, and will appeal to those leading and managing change as well as people considering a career in change management.

Love Learning & Education Design Workshop

Working in Change Management but feeling like your only job is comms and training?
If you’ve been stuck in a rut when it comes to the delivery of learning solutions for your organisational change, or you don’t even know where to start, then this workshop will explore new approaches to learning and education that you can implement in your business today.

Method to the Madness Workshop

Did we just use the word fascinating about frameworks???? Yes we did, and this workshop delivers on that promise with a truly engaging insight into the history and intersection of the structures of the Change profession, as well as providing you with up to the minute advice on gaining all the benefits from using them wisely.

Skilled with Sponsors

Skilled with Sponsors Workshop

You’re not alone in finding the world of Sponsorship tough to navigate and succeed in. But there are plenty of great tools, tips, tricks and trade secrets that have been the product of hard won experience that can help make this task a whole lot easier. Find them all in this workshop.

So You Wanna Be A Change Manager?

Are you interested in a career in Change Management but don't know how to make the leap?
Explore how your current skill set could help you succeed in Change Management, understand the certifications and accreditations to move forward, and navigate your next steps with confidence through this top value course!