3 reasons why the best change managers are never in their office

What’s a drive-by change manager? Someone who just passes by, hits you with a mountain of work to get you “change ready”, recants a string of cookie cutter key messages and – poof! They channel Puff the Magic Dragon and vanish before you can ask any questions. Interactions with this type of manager consist of dumping sessions of to-dos, decisions made and unrealistic deadlines. In short, these change managers spend their time dishing out work rather than offering context, input and support so you can transition yourself (and your team) to the future state.

2 skills you need to future-proof yourself

2 skills you need to future-proof yourself

During my time building the change management capability for a global tech giant, the first question from clients was often, “What do we do about digital?” And rightfully so. With the vast majority of ASX-listed companies reporting digital as a cornerstone of their corporate strategy, and enabler to unlocking hidden value, opting out of digital (whether it be […]

Servant leadership’s role in imparting change

Servant leadership's role in imparting change

The concept of servant leadership befuddles many. The idea that a leader should serve his followers is not only foreign and unconventional, but provokes a stigma that to ‘serve’ is a lowly duty best reserved for fast food outlets and retail employees. I argue servant leadership is an effective means to motivate, influence and transform. The servant leader’s emphasis on other’s well-being bolsters success rates for not only imparting organisational change, but making lasting changes to employee growth both professionally and personally.