Natasha Redman

Natasha is an experienced change practitioner and project professional, with a proven track record in system implementations, organisational change initiatives and large-scale transformations. She has managed change initiatives at Australia’s biggest companies (including ANZ, Telstra, Australia Post, Accenture, NAB, Newcrest), holds multiple certifications and is well versed in both Agile and waterfall delivery methods.

Natasha’s strong mentoring background has led to multiple opportunities to build change capability within large organisations. She is often sought out to coach individuals, leaders and companies on how to implement change well, demonstrate what good looks like, and build tailored methodologies and models to meet their needs.

Natasha’s passion for all things change led to her creating and hosting a successful podcast (Casa de Cambio) about change, technology, innovation and leadership.

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‘Natasha’s passion is contagious and inspiring’

I highly recommend Casa de Cambio’s workshop on delivering change in agile environments. I really appreciated Natasha’s practical approach, as she used examples from real life experiences to give us very insightful tips and recommendations. The workshop was very interactive, participants were able to ask lots of questions and share their own experiences, which benefited all of us.

Maria Recaman

Change Management Consultant

‘Looking forward to more’

 I have attended 2 online workshops with Natasha and they were both fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the change in agile environments workshop, as it has some great tips and tricks from a very experienced change manager that any general manager or executive would benefit from. Natasha’s delivery style is relaxed and approachable. Her knowledge and expertise in leading and managing change projects is clearly evident and she is generous with her tips and tricks of the trade. Great value for money and very engaging.

Fiona Rogers

Executive Manager

‘One of the best sessions I’ve been to’

Tash is a natural – so calm and easy to listen to. The content was great. I picked up some new tips about agile change and reinforced and reminded about others. Definitely will be recommending the course every chance that I get!

Wendy Grimston

Senior Change Manager

It started as a podcast. And grew into a business.

In today’s environment, so many people are expected to lead and manage change without having the luxury of a specialist change resource, or a solid foundation of change management practices and principles.

When the podcast ‘Casa de Cambio’ (Spanish for ‘House of Change’) was launched, it immediately garnered a dedicated following, from professionals of all kinds. Part of the reason for the success was because it was such an easy way to learn about change management from the best in the game.

Casa de Cambio’s founder, Natasha, had always been someone who was sought out to build change capability in the organisations she worked. Whether it was building change practices or coaching and upskilling project resources, she has always been a trusted advisor to those leading and sponsoring the change.

Natasha has been developing and running workshops on change management for many years in this capacity so it was a natural progression to offer these workshops, along with her coaching and mentoring services, to everyone.

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Episode 01: Culture Change

Casa de Cambio Episode 01: Culture Change

In this episode of Casa De Cambio your host Natasha discusses the ins and outs of culture transformation with Friska Wirya – specialist in culture change.

What are some of the signs a culture is terrible? Why do executives want to change it? How do you go about changing it? What are some of the pitfalls to avoid? Why is culture so important anyway?

Friska answers all of these questions and more in the debut episode of Casa de Cambio.